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Got one!!

BeitragVerfasst: Di 03 Jan, 2012 23:01
von jules
After much searching around i finally managed to get an M+S tyre for the

wheel i had made for the Tiger,a Veredestein 165/80/15,

a slightly larger rolling diameter than the standard 150/70/17,

the cost was £75.00,a little expensive i know but a Heidenau would have

cost more and wouldnt have lasted as long.

As i put the tyre on i started thinking about the snow chain i bought and if

it would fit,so new years day i decided to see if indeed it would 8)

BildBild Im glad i also checked the chains as there were a few like this :oops: Bild

Re: Got one!!

BeitragVerfasst: Do 19 Jan, 2012 13:34
von Roll
jules hat geschrieben: as there were a few like this :oops:

They have to be that way for a little extra-grip.