25th Anniversary Rally - Jawa Club Netherlands

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25th Anniversary Rally - Jawa Club Netherlands

Beitragvon moderen » Do 22 Jun, 2017 14:12

Hello my AIA family,
Early in 2017 i decided to attend Jawa Club Netherlands, 25th Anniversary International Rally.
But our government had a problem with Netherlands :) I needed to made a visa applicant to the embassy but Netherlanders seemed they were not happy with the situation :)
Than we chatted with Anders and Karl, what we can do?
So i wrote to Dear Mr. President Andi. For asking invitation letter for Solkpass Treffen.
He kindly answered my question with invitation letter :D
with this letter i could make an applicant to Austrian embassy instead of Netherlands embassy.
And i did and i got my Schengen visa :D (sorry for cheating but i had to do it.)
I started to work on my Jawa 638 with sidecar. I rebored the cylinders to 70mm, change the sprockets, chain, clutch plates, wheel bearings!!! i checked the electrical cables!!! i added some chargers etc.
Also i added spare fuel tank, lots of spares and tools. Because i was alone in this trip.
Birol installed fork stabilizator :)

And day came.
I started my ride on 25th of May from Ankara.

i had to arrive to Bulgarian border in first day. 725km and i did. But i heard some weird noises near Istanbul. i still don't know where it was coming from.
When i passed through Istanbul in heavy traffic my clutch worn and cable loose.
i drove to the Edirne under heavy rain after Istanbul. I lost one spark plug and sometimes ignition.
My boots should be waterproof. But i learned that they are not. They are still smelling like dead corp. I think i have to leave them to the garbage :D

After more than 12 hours drive, i arrived to Edirne and i found a hostel for night.
Next morning i replaced the clutch cable and i tried to adjust semi-automatic clutch and i drove to Bulgaria than Serbia. I spent one night in Serbia then drove to Hungary.
I was happy to drive in Hungary, all flat, it was good for my Jawa.
But.... 250 km to Austrian border my Jawa got too hot and almost seized.
I stopped immediately and i pulled my bike to a rest place.
I made a phone call to Birol. I texted to Koarl. I followed Birol's instructions. Thank you very much Birol and Koarl :)
I checked my bike after couple of hours. It seemed ok, no ugly noises, pistons move freely. I had to go to the Vienna to Koarl.
On the road my bike cut charging. oops!!! another problem.
Squeaking noise coming from somewhere, bike not going stable!!! anyway...i had to drive sun downed.
and i did :) I was little bit late, sorry Koarl. but i survived.

Next morning Koarl checked charging problem and he found cold solder problem and some bad cable connections etc.
Also we noticed that weird noise was coming from sidecar wheel. and wheel bearings was gone.
Koarl on charge :)

They were need to be replaced. And Koarl had spares. Thank you Koarl. you spent all your bearing and drive chain spares for me.
And next day we fixed all things on my bike. Actually Koarl fixed almost everything. Thanks again Comrade.
in the morning i was ready to drive.

Next stop Germany.
I found myself near Frankfurt, just on front of the door of another good Man. yes Justus :D
After 700km good food and bed :) Nice conversation in the garden with beautiful bikes and friends. Thank you Justus :)
Justus :)

Next morning few more kilometers and ta taaa... at the rally site an an early bird :D more than 3350 km :)

It was really good rally. I enjoyed to much. It worth for every single kilometer that i drove. I met with old friends, i met with nice people.

And some people noticed The AIA patch on my vest and sticker on my bike. And TT patch also. and proudly i said i was there :)
And rally ended. it was time to go back.

But which way? To Prag, Budapest than home?
I tried but i lost my way many times even in Netherlands :D After couple of message with Birol, and also phone calls :D i decided to drive to Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Crothia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Home.
When i was on the way to home, my day finished after Frankfurt. Again just front of Justus' home. :D But this time Justus was far from home. His neighbour Ali invited me.
We made a funny phone call with Justus. With his orders i stayed in their home again. :D
I thank you again Justus. I will never forget.
Nice and weird conversation with Ali :D He can't speak English, i can't speak German but some Kurdish, some Turkish, some German. yes we deal :D
Thanks for Ali to share their dinner with me.

And i made some long, boring ride again, mostly under the rain. I arrived to Edirne.
Next morning i planned to drive to Ankara but after Istanbul due to heavy rain i couldn't made it. I stopped many times on the highway.
Too much rain and my Jawa had a wet ignition system failure :D. It was almost impossible to drive.
With Koarl's text messages, i dried all electrical components on ignition. And i sprayed half tube of WD40 on ignition and kill switch.
Started the engine and drove more 270 km to home :D
And safely at home :D

Thank you for everything, President Andreas, Koarl, Justus, Birol and Andreas Altmuller.
Thanks AIA.
The AIA patch will always be on my heart. Never forget, you have a brother in Asia :)
Mehmet Özge Deren
Ankara, Turkei
Jawa 638 with Velorex700 '91
Jawa 640 Adventure '00
Honda CX500C '80
Ganz neu
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Re: 25th Anniversary Rally - Jawa Club Netherlands

Beitragvon fleisspelz » Do 22 Jun, 2017 14:42

Thanks for your visit mate. You're allways most welcome :smt023
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Re: 25th Anniversary Rally - Jawa Club Netherlands

Beitragvon motorang » Do 22 Jun, 2017 15:01

Well done!

Andreas, president
PS I gave your AiA stickers to Birol to bring them home
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Re: 25th Anniversary Rally - Jawa Club Netherlands

Beitragvon Schraubaer 42 » Do 22 Jun, 2017 15:46

Now we know were the real adventure riders come from.

congrulations on your great run.

best regards

Jürgen (who finally has a 639 again and probably buys a 634 rig this saturday... :-D )
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Re: 25th Anniversary Rally - Jawa Club Netherlands

Beitragvon altf4 » Do 22 Jun, 2017 17:26

brilliant! top effort, mate!1!!

g max ~:)
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Re: 25th Anniversary Rally - Jawa Club Netherlands

Beitragvon lallemang » Do 22 Jun, 2017 20:42

:smt023 :tach:
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Re: 25th Anniversary Rally - Jawa Club Netherlands

Beitragvon gatsch.hupfa » Do 22 Jun, 2017 20:53

Very nice adventure :smt023
Koarrrl already told me parts of the story ...
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Re: 25th Anniversary Rally - Jawa Club Netherlands

Beitragvon Thoeny » Do 29 Jun, 2017 12:39


Would be nice to see you again at Tauern or Sölk. Or elsewhere.
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Re: 25th Anniversary Rally - Jawa Club Netherlands

Beitragvon koarrl » Do 06 Jul, 2017 06:53

Great report. Very authentic :-)
Thanks for your visit and the happy time, Mehmet.
Now I ought to get my sidecar running again ...
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